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Tropical And Travel Medicine

Tropical And Travel MedicineIn this course the student will gain knowledge and skills relevant to so-called “Travel Medicine”, with special emphasis on the directives of the WHO for: the protection of migrant populations; the vaccinations required for each country; and measures for prevention of infectious diseases associated with inter-continental travel.

The same unit also covers teaching and research relevant to Tropical Medicine and the study of so-called resurgent diseases.  Students will develop a knowledge of diagnosis, prevention and treatment for the most important diseases commonly found in developing countries and for those which have begun to appear with greater frequency in developed countries as well.  Special emphasis is given to recent efforts at containing malaria, AIDS, TB and deadly viruses. At the same time, the unit also covers animal-born diseases, parasites, microbial infections and skin diseases associated with the tropics.

Students will obtain practical experience in making laboratory diagnoses and identification of the most important diseases in this category.  A practice exercise will also be conducted this year in collaboration with an Institute of Tropical Diseases of an African country.


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