Athens University School of Medicine. Postgraduate course on Disaster Medicine and Health-Crisis Management School of medicine Athens University

Disaster Medicine

In this unit, the student will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of rescue and first-aid as either a member or coordinator of a rescue team.

Courses will be taught in the following:

  • Pre-hospitalization care of injuries
  • Moving victims under adverse conditions
  • Principles of hospital emergency medicine

The student will learn how to: assess the seriousness of an injury; coordinate and guide the searching and rescuing of a victim; provide effective first-aid treatment; and deal with mass casualties in a hospital environment. Upon completion of this unit, the student may choose the certification of his qualifications within the “Advanced course on Disaster Medicine”.

In the same unit, courses are also taught on “Disaster Medicine”.  The student will become familiar with all the meanings of “disaster” and “crisis”, will learn the basic approaches for handling medical disasters and will be taught the principles of dealing with extreme situations involving massive casualties.

The following will be emphasized:

  • The many factors involved in dealing with a disaster
  • The need to coordinate multiple services
  • The practice of medicine under harsh or hostile conditions
  • The safety of the population and of the medical and rescue personnel
  • Establishing rescue and medical operations in disaster-site conditions
  • Location and organization of victim-reception stations
  • First-aid and disaster response in specific situations, such as:
    • certain natural disasters (tidal wave, earthquake, etc,)
    • local conflicts
    • asymmetrical threats (arson, suicide bombings, etc.)
    • chemical, biological and industrial disasters and accidents
    • radiological and nuclear dangers
  • Special emphasis will also be given to the diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and stress associated with rescue teams and medical  personnel.


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