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Medicine For Vulnerable Populations

Medicine For Vulnerable PopulationsIn this unit a student will study the fields of Public Health and Epidemiology and will learn about epidemiological monitoring of infectious diseases, with special emphasis on the so-called “resurgent diseases” and on trans-border health supervision of migrant and refugee populations.

Students will be asked to participate in exercises of epidemiological monitoring and will study various case studies and scenarios.  By the end of the course, students will be able to recognize the danger of an epidemic, diagnose serious outbreaks of cases of infectious diseases and prescribe modern methods of prevention and treatment. 

This same unit will focus on the causes of pathogenic outbreaks and will explore methods of prevention and treatment of diseases among vulnerable populations.  Special emphasis will be given to understanding diseases which are caused by or arise from shortages, deprivation and poverty, such as:

  • Lack of safe food and water
  • Problems associated with inadequate natal care for mother and newborn
  • Problems associated with drug-addiction, mental illness and incarceration

Students will learn how to organize central feeding stations for the affected population as well as therapeutic feeding stations, hydration stations and measures to prevent and treat diarrhea.  They will also learn how to organize campaigns to promote breast-feeding and vaccinations and to manage and administer the most essential drugs.


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