Athens University School of Medicine. Postgraduate course on Disaster Medicine and Health-Crisis Management School of medicine Athens University

Humanitarian Medicine

Humanitarian  MedicineIn this series of courses, students are taught the principles of International Human Rights and the mechanisms for their protection.  They study the Geneva Convention and its accompanying protocols, the obligation to respect non-combatants and the treatment of the wounded.  They also study the principles of diplomatic representation and the international organizations whose mission is the protection of Justice and Human Rights.

In this unit, there is extensive exploration of the idea of so-called “Humanitarian Medicine” as well as of the meaning of humanitarian aid and medicine “without borders”. Students will study issues of respect and protection of human rights and the consequences of using forbidden weapons (chemical & biological weapons, mines and “scatter” bombs).  They will also discuss issues of wider humanitarian relevance, such as the use of light arms, the recruitment of child soldiers and the rape of civilian women.

During the course of this unit, students will be encouraged to serve as volunteers in the major non-governmental medical and humanitarian organizations and will learn how to organize and implement programs of humanitarian aid and joint development projects in third-world countries.


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